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The climate and general environment of Assam is well suited to sericulture. Traditional varieties of silk cultured include eri, muga and mulberry. The muga silk, known for its fine sheen and golden colour is used by the local silk weaving industry and this has contributed to the development of the muga culture in the State. There are vast opportunities in silk processing and spinning units.Assam is traditionally famous for its cottage industry, especially spinning and weaving. Pat or pure silk production is essentially confined to Assam. Assam produces about 10% of total natural silk of India, in addition to Muga, the golden silk. The state is also the main producer of Eri or Endi. Weaving is a traditional industry which can be traced back to the very ancient times. There are about 7,00,000 looms in Assam, but only some powered looms of Bijoynagar are used for commercial production of silk cloth.The Palasbari-Bijoynagar Eri Cluster is the single largest deemed Eri exporting cluster in India.Eri Silk fabric worth Rs.3000.00 lacs is exported annually via Nepal to other Asian Countries having open trade agreement with Nepal.

Office Address

Grameen Silk Producers co Ltd.
C/o :- Grameen Sahara Building
Vill Dubjeni,  P.O+P.S :- Chhaygaon, Pin:781125
Dist :- Kamrup ,(Assam) India
Ph:- 03623-261927(o)
98540-89858, 98540-89847

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    Pranjal Malakar          96138-58961
    Milan Jyoti Kalita       8822542137
    Jitu Kalita                   9707871960